Class Brass


Group lessons focused on the development of basic technique for brass instrumentalists. Emphasis placed upon a relaxed approach to tone production and the proper use of air and embouchure to produce a musical sound. Students will observe their peers during lessons and will perform literature appropriate to each individual's skill level. Instructor consent required. Quarter course.

Fees, Course Credit & Audition Requirement

The applied lesson fee is waived only for music majors, for one area of study only. All applied lessons at Duke are offered by permission of the instructors after competitive auditions at the beginning of the semester. Click to see instructor contact information for auditions.

Group lessons: 

  • MUSIC 101-1 Class Piano, 101-2 Class Voice, 101-3 Class Guitar, 101-4 Class Djembe, 101-7 Class Brass, 101-6 African Dance Percussion; (half hour) 0.25 course credit. Fee per semester: $172.

Private lessons:

  • MUSIC 103-108 (half hour), 0.25 course credit. Fee per semester: $344
  • MUSIC 203-208 (one hour), 0.5 course credit. Fee per semester: $688


  • MUSIC 210-1, 210-2, 210-4, 211-1, 211-2, 213-1, 213-3, 0.5 course credit. There is no additional fee for enrolling in an ensemble.