Sound, Music, and the Moving Image


Introduction to film studies with emphasis on uses and functions of sound, film music, sound and other aural objects such as the voice, through a selected body of works. Topics include representations of sound, music and voice, the functions of pre-existing music and their relations with the moving image in cinema and television; gendered representations of music and voice in pop and rock music videos; Hollywood practices and non-Hollywood practices.

Course Objectives:

This course intends to provide students without any specific musical knowledge the foundational notions on the uses and functions of sound in the moving image. By the end of the seminar, the students should be able to

—engage knowledgeably with the main aspects on the theory of film sound and its concepts.

—describe the differences in styles and identifying different approaches and traditions from the normative Hollywood style.

—use the specific terminology in written analysis.

Sound, Music, and the Moving Image

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