Discovering Music


Discovering Music offers a one-semester survey of the Western musical tradition from the Middle Ages to the present, and endeavors to show how that music connects to the music students in the course enjoy. We begin by introducing the elements of music, including pitch, rhythm and meter, timbre, instruments, and form, and then proceed historically, touching briefly on the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque before settling into a more measured pace for music of the Classical, Romantic and Modernist periods. Along the way we will listen to and examine numerous compositions representative of art music in the West in all its diversity. Students will have the opportunity to follow the music with enhanced listening diagrams that are coordinated with streaming audio, read materials about why and how to listen, and watch supplemental videos.

Professor R. Larry Todd on Discovering Music:
(videos courtesy of Oxford University Press)
The accessibility of classical music
Situating music within a historical context
Understanding atonality and 20th century composers
BRAHMS: 21 Hungarian Dances Arr. Piatti, No. 12 in D Minor (Nancy Green/R. Larry Todd)


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