Music History I: Antiquity through Renaissance


The history of music in medieval and early modern Europe in its cultural and social context. The learning goals of this class are: 1) to advance musical skills of score reading, analysis and listening; 2) to gain general knowledge about an unfamiliar period of European music history; 3) to develop writing and research skills. The course is divided into these three modules:

1.  The Golden Age of Monophonic Music. Medieval monophony, sacred and secular

2.  Polyphony from the Early Period through the 15th Century  Music Theory and the "quadrivium"; inventions in notation and rhythmic organization; harmony; the motet, Josquin Desprez and the cantus-firmus mass cycle.   

3.   The Rhetorical Model of the High Renaissance and the Birth of Opera: Madrigal, Motet and Instrumental Music; The Birth of Opera, ca. 1600; modern trends in the early 17th century.

Prerequisite: MUSIC 261 or consent of instructor. One course.

Music History I: Antiquity through Renaissance

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