Music in the Classic Era


Selected topics. One course / 3 units.

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MUSIC 554 - Spring 2013 - Taught by Larry Todd

Music Classic Era: Haydn Symphonies. The Symphonies of Haydn (ca. 1759-1795), tracing the significance of the genre for Haydn's career, his assimilation of Italian and Viennese models, and the role of formal process, orchestration, extra-musical elements, and social context. We will consider the entire sweep of Haydn's symphonies, divided into several stages: (1) early symphonies and the formation of an early symphonic style, (2) the so-called Sturm und Drang (ca. 1768-1772) and its decidedly experimental thrust, (3) the consolidation of a "high" classical style, (4) the Paris Symphonies, and (5) the London Symphonies, with nos. 4 and 5 as representative of the "internationalization" of Haydn's mature style.

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