[dnme] Duke New Music Ensemble

Directed by Brittany J. Green, [dnme] brings together undergraduate and graduate students in performing music written in the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as new works by Duke student composers. This concert, jointly sponsored by [dnme] and Duke Performances, will feature works by Jeffrey Agrell, Brittany J. Green, Thomas Meadowcroft, and Steve Reich, with performances by Yarn/Wire, Kenneth Stewart, and Brandon Nutt.

Free admission. If you are unable to attend this concert in person, livestream it at https://youtu.be/TpP4ydCsq1M.

View the program online: https://music.duke.edu/sites/music.duke.edu/files/documents/DNME_progra….

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[dnme] Duke New Music Ensemble


Thompson, Elizabeth