Ethnomusicology Lecture: David Samuels (NYU)

Friday, March 22, 2019 - 4:00pm

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David Samuels is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Music at New York University. A linguistic anthropologist, folklorist, and ethnomusicologist, he has published extensively on the confluence of affective symbols in the context of vernacular modernities. His book, "Putting a Song On Top of It: Expression & Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation," explores the uses of global popular culture in the crafting of deeply felt Apache histories. His current project brings together folk music revivals, early music performance practice, and the emergence of post-second World War ethnomusicology as linked ethical arguments about the role of the human in the modern industrial world. He has written extensively about the overlapping domains of language, music, and discourse through an abiding interest in vocables and conlangs. His articles have been published in The Annual Review of Anthropology, Semiotica, The Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, Language and Communication, and American Ethnologist.

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