Music Lecture: Christian Thorau (Universität Potsdam)

Friday, February 6, 2015 - 4:00pm

"What Ought to be Heard: Touristic Listening and the Proliferation of Musicological Knowledge." Prof. Thorau studied music, musicology, history and semiotics at the University of Berlin and the University of the Arts Berlin. In 2008-09, he was a Fellow at the National Humanities Center and a Senior Fellow at IFK - International Research Center for Cultural Studies Vienna (research project "Guided Listening and the Touristic Gaze - The Emergence of Baedeker's Musical"). His research interests include listening to music in historical change, the history of bourgeois music culture, theory and practice of music analysis, and musical semiotics. *Lecture takes place in the Music Library Seminar Room in the Mary Duke Biddle Music Building.*

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