Music Rank Criteria


Appointment and promotion to regular, non-tenure track ranks in the Department of Music will be guided by this document. However, this document does not supercede University policy regarding appointment and promotion. For more information on the University’s policies, see:


“Of the Practice” appointments must meet criteria paralleling those of regular tenure track appointments with regard to academic preparation, off-campus achievements, and peer-group standing. Outside evaluations are mandatory for initial appointments.

Non-tenure ranks (of the Practice)

Performs instructional and contractual duties in a satisfactory manner. 
No other expectations of professional accomplishments.

Assistant Professor
Continues significant professional activity in the field beyond University.
Possesses highest academic degree awarded in his/her specialty.
Possesses the equivalent professional achievement as artist and/or teacher duties.

Associate Professor
Substantial professional accomplishments in his/her specialty recognized by other specialists in the field.
Professional accomplishments have resulted in national or international recognition.

Full Professor
Professional accomplishments have resulted in national or international distinction in his/her specialty.
Achievement comparable to that achieved by tenured professors.


Reviews for promotion from the assistant- to the associate-professor level are normally expected to occur no sooner than the end of the second term appointment. Similarly, faculty in the associate-level ranks are expected to serve for a number of years before being reviewed for promotion to the full level. There may be situations, as with tenure-track faculty, for which an early promotion review would be warranted, however, these early promotions will surely be the exception. It would be prudent for chairs and directors to discuss anticipated early promotion reviews with the Dean before they are actually begun. Outside evaluations are required for reviews for appointment/promotion/reappointment to the full professor rank. (However, the candidate may request outside evaluations at any review.) Appendix III of the Faculty Handbook addresses the length of terms.

Evaluation of Professional Activity

The following areas of professional activity are listed to provide a framework for evaluation.
Different categories may be given different weight depending on the candidate’s specialty. While a candidate is not expected to show accomplishments in all areas, there should be significant achievement in several, particularly for promotion to a higher rank.

Prestige of the venue, whether local, regional, national or international
Prestige of ensemble (in the case of engagements outside of the university)
Is the performance by invitation or self-sponsored?
Evaluation of repertory (standard or adventurous, premieres or revivals, new repertoire)
Reviews, including prestige of reviewers and/or reviewing publications.

Commercial Recording
Prestige of label
Distribution of label
Reviews, including prestige of reviewers and/or reviewing publications

Prizes, awards, and grants
Prestige of awarding agency
Prominence of award (university-wide, state-wide, nationally or internationally known, awarded by competition, application or achievement?)

Scholarly Publications
Prestige of the publication
Area of distribution
Includes publication of instructional methods, textbooks, and pedagogical editions

Pedagogical Off-Campus Activities
Guest lecturer or lecture-demonstrations
Master classes
Summer programs at other institutions

Student evaluations
Successful placement of students in competitions, graduate schools, or into other pertinent professional activities.

Departmental service including committee work, DUS, DOP
University-wide committee service
Organization of concerts, workshop and collaborative efforts at the university or off-campus
Holding offices or significant participation in regional and national professional organizations

Department of Music Criteria/Regular-Rank non Tenure Track Faculty, Updated 11/20/08