Grant applications are being accepted for Summer Study in the Arts

Grants for Summer Study in the Arts:

These grants support undergraduate or graduate students who show exceptional ability in the arts to undertake summer study at a nationally recognized arts program.  The grant recipients are determined by a Duke arts program – Music, AAH&VS, Dance, Theater Studies, Arts of the Moving Image, Center for Documentary Studies, Creative Writing (English), and the Nasher Museum.   Each program will be given $2500 to award to one or more students.


Undergraduate and graduate arts students are eligible.  Preference should be given to students majoring in an arts program, however, the department chair can demonstrate that a non-major is fully immersed in the unit’s arts programming and shows exceptional abilities as an artist.  For example, students receiving the grant are likely to do graduation with distinction projects in the arts or should be prominently featured in the department’s arts programming during the school year following summer study.

Graduating seniors or students completing a terminal graduate degree before summer study commences are not eligible.

The summer program should be nationally recognized (e.g., Aspen Music Festival for music, American Dance Festival for Dance, etc.) and allow students to engage in intensive study with established professionals and other talented student artists.  Residencies at artist colonies are not eligible.  

Students may not combine this grant with a Benenson Award to support study at the same summer program.  Moreover, students may not commit to another summer program that overlaps or otherwise interferes with the summer arts program.   Students who have made previous commitment to a summer program that overlaps or interferes with the summer arts program are not eligible.


Each department or program will identify the student(s) who will receive a grant.  It will be up to the department to ensure that the student meets all eligibility requirements. The application must be received in Room 105 of the Mary Duke Biddle Building by noon on Friday, April 12, 2013, to be considered.  The department should forward its recommendations to the Vice Provost for the Arts by Friday, April 26, 2013, with the following materials:

-       Student’s name

-       Arts field

-       Major or Degree Program

-       Class year

-       Summer study program

-       Budget

-       Recommendation letter from the chair or program director supporting each student and attesting to the importance of the summer study program

-       Statement from the student articulating his/her goals as an artist

If the student is not admitted to the proposed summer study program, no award will be made.  Unspent funds do not carry over from year to year.  The grant recipients must submit a report on their summer study experience to the Vice Provost for the Arts by Friday, August 30, 2013.