Visiting Students this Past October

Sunday, April 7, 2013

On October 5, 2012, Joshua A. Waggener, Instructor of Music at the College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, NC, brought four of his students to see some of the instruments from the collection. This was a really exciting visit because it was the first time that I felt comfortable opening the collection up to visitors since I began working with DUMIC.

Mr. Waggener’s students were musicians – we had a French horn player and singers, as well as a few who were interested in some of our stringed instruments. I was able to bring about 10 instruments from the collection to the library seminar room. They included instruments from many of our donors and were:

  • Treble Gamba – James Cox, luthier, c. 1977
  • Bass viol – Hopf, c. 1981
  • Cello – William Green, American, c. 1809
  • Lute guitar - maker and date unknown
  • Mandolin – maker and date unknown
  • Cornettos – O. Steinkopf
  • Slide trumpet in E flat – Hawkes & Son, London, 1st quarter of 20th century
  • Valve horn in F – European, late 17th century
  • Valve horn in F (high pitch) – Missenharter, c. 1875
  • Horn, converted with 7 crooks – Hawkes & Son

What I think most excited the students, as well as Mr. Waggener, was that I let them interact with the instruments. The handled the strings: picked them up, examined them, and strummed a bit. The brass player was even able to use the Hawkes & Son horn and try all of its seven crooks. Mr. Waggener even gave the slide trumpet a try. And while we made a bit of noise in the library that day, it was thrilling to see the instruments come to life once again.


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