Bach and His Time

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach and its historical and cultural background. Some consideration also given to the music of Bach's contemporaries, including Vivaldi, Rameau, and Handel. One course.

Beethoven and His Time

This course is an introduction to the life, music and times of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), one of the central composers in the Western musical tradition.  Our basic text will be the classic biography by Maynard Solomon, Beethoven, supplemented by some other readings and extensive listening to the composer’s music.  The course will begin with a brief consideration of Haydn and Mozart, the two principal composers of Viennese classicism who more than anyone else influenced the course of Beethoven’s dramatic career.  We will then proceed to examine Beethoven’s life in four period

Music History I: Antiquity through Renaissance

The history of music in medieval and early modern Europe in its cultural and social context. The learning goals of this class are: 1) to advance musical skills of score reading, analysis and listening; 2) to gain general knowledge about an unfamiliar period of European music history; 3) to develop writing and research skills. The course is divided into these three modules:

1.  The Golden Age of Monophonic Music. Medieval monophony, sacred and secular


Weekly independent study sessions at an advanced level with a member of the graduate faculty in composition, producing musical scores (or in some cases, audio documents) which accrue towards the production of a portfolio. Consent of instructor required. One course / 3 units.