Instrumental Conducting

Music 318-01 is designed to teach the basic skills of conducting with emphasis on score study, interpretation, and movement.  The role of the conductor is to lead, react to, alter, and reinforce the performance of the ensemble.  This class will focus primarily on the development of non-verbal vocabulary that will allow each student to clearly and artistically communicate with the members of an ensemble to solicit a predetermined musical result.

Prerequisite: MUSIC 361 and consent of instructor. One course.

Choral Conducting

Development of techniques of conducting vocal repertoire, ranging from church anthems to large-scale works. Score-reading and analysis, principles of interpretation, and practical conducting experience.

Prerequisite: MUSIC 361 or consent of instructor. One course.

Advanced Study in Musical Performance

Open only to sophomores, juniors, and seniors possessing an exceptional technical and interpretative command of a musical medium. Requires either a half-length recital at the end of each semester of study or a full-length recital at the end of the second semester. In the latter case, a brief performance before a jury of music department faculty is required at the end of the first semester. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: previous registration in private instruction in applied music at Duke, audition, and consent of instructor. One course.