Brittany Green

Brittany J. Green (b. 1991) is a North Carolina-based composer, creative, and educator. Described as “cinematic in the best sense” and “searing” (Chicago Classical Review), Brittany’s music is centered around facilitating collaborative, intimate musical spaces that ignite visceral responses. The intersection between sound, movement, and text serves as the focal point of these musical spaces, often questioning and redefining the relationships between these three elements.

Her research and creative interests include mapping aural gestures to gestural recognition technology and exploring virtual reality platforms as a tool for experiencing immersive, intimate musical moments. Her music has been featured at Society of Composers National Conference, New York City Electronic Music Festival, SPLICE Institute, the West Fork New Music Festival, and Bowling Green State University Graduate Conference. She has presented research at the North Carolina Music Educators Association Conference, East Carolina University’s Research and Creative Arts Week, Darkwater Women in Music Festival, and the Intersection@ Art and Science Symposium. Current projects include commissions from JACK Quartet as an inaugural member of JACK Studio Artists, as well as work with Margins Guitar Collective and bassist Kate Alexandra. 

Feel Like This. Composer. (2016)


Featured at the 2017 New York City Electronic Music Festival (NYC), 2018 GRIT Collective (Phoenix, AZ), and Rebel 60 Exhibition (Greenville, NC)