Maximiliano Amici

I'm passionate about orchestral music. Always enjoying composing, I like to explore the multiple facets of music making, as mirrors of being and acting in the world. I was born and educated in Rome, where I lived until 2013. I spent some years studying in Basel, at the Hochschule für Musik, before joining the Ph.D. program at Duke. My most prominent musical collaboration has been with the OSN - RAI, for the recording of Flowing under the baton of Yoichi Sugiyama. I also like cooking, watching movies, and lots of other activities, as well, when time allows.

Black Magic. Composer. (2016)

Flowing. Composer. (2014)


Orchestral Piece Recorded by the OSN - RAI in Turin, Directed by Yoichi Sugiyama

Venezia. Composer. (2017)


Music for the exhibition A Portrait of Venice: Jacopo De' Barbari's view of 1500, at the Nasher Museum of Art, Duke University