Nicholas Stoia

Nicholas Stoia

Assistant Professor of Music

External Address: 
105 Biddle Music Building, Box_90665, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3300


  • D.Phil., City University of New York 2008

Stoia, N, Adams, K, and Drakulich, K. "Rap Lyrics as Evidence: What Can Music Theory Tell Us?." Race and Justice (January 31, 2017).

Stoia, N. "Triple Counterpoint and Six-Four Chords in Bach's Sinfonia in F Minor." Music Analysis 34.3 (October 2015): 305-334. Full Text

Stoia, N. "The Common Stock of Schemes in Early Blues and Country Music." Music Theory Spectrum 35.2 (October 2013): 194-234. Full Text