Internship in New York


Participants in this course are immersed in the professional work of New York's arts, culture, and performance industries through apprenticeship to a sponsoring artist, institution, or organization. Participants work fifteen hours per week at their internship and meet arts professionals from within and beyond Duke's alumni network. They also meet regularly with their supervising professor. In combination, this work experience, networking opportunity, and academic reflection help interns develop their professional capabilities, refine their interpersonal and workplace skills, and prepare for future work in creative industries.


Course is owned by THEATRST and crosslisted with Music

Enroll Consent

Instructor Consent Required

Cross-Listed As
  • ARTHIST 204A
  • CINE 209A
  • DANCE 205A
  • ENGLISH 314A
  • JAM 392A-20
  • VMS 213A
Typically Offered
Fall Only