Headshot collage of 2023 Music majors and minors
Louise Toppin, Tsitsi Jaji, Stephen Jaffe
Mother Tongues
Premieres from the New Generation Project performed by soprano Louise Toppin
June 3 at 4 pm — Nelson Music Room, East Duke Building
Pre-concert discussion at 3 pm with "Mother Tongues" poet Tsitsi Jaji, Stephen Jaffe, and Louise Toppin.

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Musical perception and performance from artistic, subjective and neuroscientific perspectives. Presentations/didactic musical performances address how our brain detects and represents music,… read more about Music and the Brain »


Introduction to composing electronic music using variety of software such as Logic, ProTools, Ableton, Audacity, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, etc. Concepts covered include recording/editing/mixing; plugin… read more about Introduction to Electronic Music Composition »

Ciompi Quartet

Ciompi quartet

The Ciompi Quartet’s residency at Duke allows students to work closely with its members and benefit from their extensive experience as active performers who are continually engaged in deepening and refining their own musicianship. As full-time faculty members, the quartet serves as a resource for students, other faculty, and the community at large.

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Visiting Artists

Working with Duke Performances and through the assistance of the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation and the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts, the Department of Music offers undergraduate and graduate students unparalleled opportunities for collaboration though Visiting Artist residencies.

Recent residencies have included the Da Capo Chamber Players, yMusic, North Carolina Symphony, Deviant Septet, and JACK Quartet.

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Faculty Artistic Works

Duke University Musical Instrument Collections

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The Duke University Musical Instrument Collections (DUMIC) are founded on the flagship collection, the G. Norman and Ruth G. Eddy Collection of Musical Instruments, which arrived here in Durham in 2000. The Eddy Collection has inspired further generous gifts and the acquisition of the Frans and Willemina de Hen-Bijl Collection of Musical Instruments, which arrived at Duke in 2003.

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