Undergraduate Research

Independent Study provides vital experience in the real world of scholarship, conducting, composition, and performance. Qualified upper-level undergraduates are also eligible to take graduate courses at the 500-level in the Department of Music.

Independent Study

Independent and Advanced Study covers a variety of activities. Admission to these courses will be subject to the approval of the DUS and the instructor.

Research Independent Study (MUSIC 393) is for directed reading, research, and musical analysis within a prescribed area of music literature. A written proposal must be submitted and approved by the instructor and the DUS; the student should enroll during the regular registration period (not during Drop/Add). This project is to culminate in a substantial paper of larger scope.

Advanced Study in Musical Performance (MUSIC 401) is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, by permission. For advanced students who have already been enrolled in applied music, these courses require a half-recital at the end of one semester or a full recital after two semesters (with a jury at the end of the first semester). Approval by the instructor is required for registration.

Advanced Study in Conducting (MUSIC 418) is open to juniors and seniors who have taken MUSIC 318 or 319, with the permission of the instructor.

Advanced Study in Composition (MUSIC 461) consists of weekly individual lessons with members of the composition faculty. It is open to students who have taken MUSIC 281S and/or 381S, with the permission of the instructor.