Antiracism Working Group

Statement of Purpose

The department of music at Duke university is committed to providing an open and inclusive learning environment that values diverse voices and lived experiences. The goal of the antiracism working group is to support and further these commitments through critical conversations, strategic recommendations, and action steps toward more proactive practices of racial equity within the department of music.

The antiracism working group meets regularly throughout the academic term and is composed of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Members of the department of music community who are interested in joining the antiracism working group should contact chair Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant at

Committee Members

Undergraduate students

  • Melissanthi Guthold
  • Sarah Houston
  • Julia Leeman

Graduate students

  • Devon Carter
  • Josué Collado Fregoso 
  • Lars Münzer


  • Sophia Enriquez
  • Hsiao-Mei Ku