Performance Courses

Number Title Codes Cross-Lists
MUSIC 101-4 Djembe Class
MUSIC 101-5 Class Improvisation
MUSIC 210-1 Symphony Orchestra
MUSIC 210-2 Wind Symphony
MUSIC 210-3 Marching Band
MUSIC 210-4 Jazz Ensemble
MUSIC 210-5 Small Jazz Ensemble
MUSIC 210-6 Chinese Music Ensemble AMES 145
MUSIC 211-1 Collegium Musicum
MUSIC 211-2 Chamber Music
MUSIC 211-3 Piano Ensemble
MUSIC 212-1 Djembe Ensemble
MUSIC 212-2 Afro-Cuban Percussion
MUSIC 213-1 Opera Theater
MUSIC 213-2 Chapel Choir
MUSIC 213-3 Chorale
MUSIC 218 Musical Theater Workshop: Performance ALP DANCE 211
MUSIC 296S Music Entrepreneurship
MUSIC 326S The Art of Performance ALP
MUSIC 390-1 Special Topics in Interpretation and Performance
MUSIC 391 Independent Study
MUSIC 490S Advanced Topics in Music