Course Numbering Scheme

The courses below are representative of the courses that may be taught during a given semester. Select a specific semester to view courses currently offered.

0-99 Advanced Placement Credit; House Courses; First-Year Seminars; First-Year Writing; Registrar/Department special purpose
100-199 Introductory-level undergraduate courses; basic skills/activity courses; foundation courses; Focus program courses
200-399 Undergraduate courses above introductory level
400-499 Advanced undergraduate, senior seminars, capstone courses, honors thesis courses
500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

Course Number Title Curriculum Codes Crosslisting Numbers
MUSIC 89S Special Topics in Music
MUSIC 116 Alexander Technique for Musicians ALP
MUSIC117 Aspects of Performance ALP, CZ
MUSIC120 Music: An Introduction ALP, CCI, CZ
MUSIC121S Sound for Film and Video ALP, STS AMI350S, DOCST277S, ISIS243S
MUSIC122 Choral Music Past and Present ALP
MUSIC125 Listening to Music: The European-American Tradition ALP, CCI
MUSIC126 Acoustics and Music NS, R, W PHYSICS136
MUSIC129S Sound, Music, and the Moving Image ALP, CCI, CZ, W AMI230S, ICS
MUSIC130 World Music: Aesthetic and Anthropological Approaches ALP, CCI, CZ CULANTH131, ICS, DOCST
MUSIC133S African Mbira Music: An Experiential Learning Class ALP, CCI, CZ AAAS109S, CULANTH133S
MUSIC137 Music, Social Life, and Scenes ALP, CCI, CZ, R, W CULANTH137, DOCST
MUSIC140 Introduction to Jazz ALP, CCI AAAS140
MUSIC143 History of Rock: R&B to Indie ALP, CZ
MUSIC144 Meet the Beatles and the 1960s ALP, CZ, EI
MUSIC145 Hip-Hop/Rap Music Appreciation ALP
MUSIC150S Western Musical Instruments ALP, CCI, CZ, W
MUSIC161 Introduction to Music Theory ALP
MUSIC162S Introduction to Composition: Explorations in Musical Time and Space ALP
MUSIC165 Let's Dance! Live Art and Performance ALP, CCI, CZ DANCE165, THEATRST104
MUSIC171 Jazz Combo and Improvisation I ALP
MUSIC172 Jazz Combo and Improvisation II ALP
MUSIC176 The Songwriter's Vocabulary ALP
MUSIC190 Special Topics in Music
MUSIC190A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Special Topics in Music
MUSIC190FS Focus Seminar
MUSIC190S Special Topics in Music
MUSIC190S Composers of Influence ALP, CCI
MUSIC217SA The Economics of Art (The Chicago Scene) ALP, CCI THEATRST217SA, VMS221SA, AMI217SA, DANCE279SA, I&E217SA, MMS
MUSIC218 Musical Theater Workshop: Performance ALP THEATRST211, DANCE211
MUSIC219 Musical Theater Workshop: Creation ALP THEATRST212
MUSIC221S Writing About Music ALP, W
MUSIC222S Radio: The Theater of the Mind ALP, CZ THEATRST207S, PJMS
MUSIC234 Music in East Asia ALP, CCI, CZ AMES214, RELIGION245
MUSIC235 Music in South Asia ALP, CCI, CZ AMES254, RELIGION246, CULANTH259
MUSIC238 The Arts and Human Rights ALP, CCI, CZ CULANTH248, ETHICS261, PUBPOL252, ICS248
MUSIC239S Sound in Social Life ALP, CCI, STS CULANTH222S, ICS246S
MUSIC241 Piano Music ALP
MUSIC243 American Musicals ALP THEATRST210
MUSIC249 Hollywood Film Music ALP AMI
MUSIC251 Bach and His Time ALP, CCI ICS
MUSIC252 Mozart and His Time ALP, CCI, W
MUSIC253 Beethoven and His Time ALP, CCI ICS
MUSIC255S Music History I: Antiquity through Renaissance ALP, CCI, CZ MEDREN201S
MUSIC256S Music History II: 1600 through Mozart ALP, CCI, CZ, R ICS
MUSIC257 Music History III: Beethoven through WWI ALP, CCI, CZ, R ICS
MUSIC258 Music History IV: Post-WWI through the Present ALP, CZ, R
MUSIC259 Musical Modernisms ALP, W
MUSIC261 Theory and Practice of Tonal Music I ALP
MUSIC273 Electronic Music: Introduction to Digital Synthesis ALP, STS ISIS
MUSIC273S Electronic Music: Introduction to Digital Synthesis ALP, STS ISIS
MUSIC274S Computer Music ALP, R ISIS
MUSIC275S Electronic Music and Video Workshop ALP, STS AMI358S, ARTSVIS258S
MUSIC281S Composition I ALP, R
MUSIC281T Composition I ALP, R
MUSIC289 Music and the Brain ALP, NS, STS NEUROSCI 289
MUSIC290 Special Topics in Music
MUSIC290A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Music.
MUSIC290S Special Topics in Music
MUSIC290S-1 Special Topics in Music History
MUSIC290S-2 Special Topics in Music Theory
MUSIC290S-3 Special Topics in Ethnomusicology ALP
MUSIC290S-4 Special Topics in Jazz
MUSIC318 Instrumental Conducting ALP
MUSIC319 Choral Conducting ALP
MUSIC326S The Art of Performance ALP
MUSIC335 The History of Hip-Hop ALP, CCI AAAS335, CULANTH335, VMS337
MUSIC336 Michael Jackson and Performance of Blackness ALP, CCI AAAS336, VMS353
MUSIC341S The Diaghilev Ballet: 1909-1929 ALP, CCI, CZ, R, W DANCE326S, RUSSIAN218S
MUSIC342 Music for Dancers ALP DANCE375
MUSIC361 Theory and Practice of Tonal Music II ALP
MUSIC381S Composition II ALP, R
MUSIC381T Composition II ALP, R
MUSIC390 Advanced Special Topics in Music
MUSIC390-02 Adv. Special Topics: Music & Social Entrepreunership ALP
MUSIC390-1 Special Topics in Interpretation and Performance
MUSIC390S-1 Advanced Special Topics in Music
MUSIC393 Research Independent Study R
MUSIC401 Advanced Study in Musical Performance
MUSIC418 Advanced Study in Conducting
MUSIC425S Auditory Neuroscience: From Sound to Music NS NEUROSCI425S, PSY479S
MUSIC461 Theory and Practice of Tonal Music III ALP
MUSIC463S Theory and Practice of Post-Tonal Music ALP
MUSIC465S Counterpoint R
MUSIC481S Advanced Composition ALP, R
MUSIC481T Advanced Composition ALP, R
MUSIC490S Advanced Topics in Music
MUSIC501 Introduction to Musicology ALP, R
MUSIC511-1 Collegium Musicum
MUSIC551 Music in the Middle Ages ALP, R MEDREN522
MUSIC552 Topics in Renaissance Music ALP, R MEDREN523
MUSIC553 Music in the Baroque Era ALP, R MEDREN524
MUSIC554 Music in the Classic Era ALP, R
MUSIC555 Music in the Nineteenth Century ALP, R
MUSIC556 Music in the Twentieth Century ALP, R
MUSIC560 Tonal Analysis ALP, R
MUSIC561S Analysis of Early Music ALP
MUSIC562 Analysis of Music after 1900 ALP
MUSIC575S Generative Media Authorship - Music, Text & Image VMS575S, AMI575S, ISIS575S
MUSIC590 Selected Topics in Analysis
MUSIC663 Theories and Notation of Contemporary Music ALP, R
MUSIC690S-1 Composition Seminar: Selected Topics
MUSIC697 Composition
MUSIC698 Composition
MUSIC699 Composition ALP
MUSIC718S Seminar in Performance Practice
MUSIC790S-1 Seminar in the History of Music
MUSIC790S-2 Studies in Ethnomusicology CULANTH730S
MUSIC791 Independent Study
MUSIC792 Independent Study in Performance Practice and Interpretation
MUSIC797 Composition
MUSIC798 Composition
MUSIC799 Composition
Course Number Title Crosslisting Numbers
MUSIC101-1 Class Piano
MUSIC101-2 Class Voice
MUSIC101-3 Class Guitar
MUSIC101-4 Djembe Class
MUSIC101-5 Class Improvisation
MUSIC101-5 Class Improvisation: String Improvisation
MUSIC101-6 African Dance Percussion DANCE132
MUSIC101-7 Class Brass
MUSIC103-1 Classical Piano
MUSIC103-2 Jazz Piano
MUSIC103-3 Organ
MUSIC103-4 Harpsichord
MUSIC104-1 Violin
MUSIC104-2 Viola
MUSIC104-3 Cello
MUSIC104-4 Double Bass
MUSIC104-5 Classical Guitar
MUSIC104-6 Jazz Guitar
MUSIC104-7 Harp
MUSIC105-1 Flute
MUSIC105-2 Oboe
MUSIC105-3 Clarinet
MUSIC105-4 Bassoon
MUSIC105-5 Saxophone
MUSIC105-6 Jazz Saxophone
MUSIC106-1 Trumpet
MUSIC106-2 French Horn
MUSIC106-3 Trombone
MUSIC106-4 Tuba
MUSIC107-1 Percussion
MUSIC107-2 Djembe
MUSIC115S Vocal Diction
MUSIC116S Vocal Diction
MUSIC203-1 Classical Piano
MUSIC203-2 Jazz Piano
MUSIC203-3 Organ
MUSIC203-4 Harpsichord
MUSIC204-1 Violin
MUSIC204-2 Viola
MUSIC204-3 Cello
MUSIC204-4 String Bass
MUSIC204-5 Classical Guitar
MUSIC204-6 Jazz Guitar
MUSIC204-7 Harp
MUSIC205-1 Flute
MUSIC205-2 Oboe
MUSIC205-3 Clarinet
MUSIC205-4 Bassoon
MUSIC205-5 Saxophone
MUSIC205-6 Jazz Saxophone
MUSIC206-1 Trumpet
MUSIC206-2 French Horn
MUSIC206-3 Trombone
MUSIC206-4 Tuba
MUSIC207-1 Percussion
MUSIC207-2 Djembe
MUSIC208 Voice
MUSIC210-1 Symphony Orchestra
MUSIC210-2 Wind Symphony
MUSIC210-3 Marching Band
MUSIC210-4 Jazz Ensemble
MUSIC210-5 Small Jazz Ensemble
MUSIC210-6 Chinese Music Ensemble
MUSIC211-1 Collegium Musicum
MUSIC211-2 Chamber Music
MUSIC211-3 Piano Ensemble
MUSIC212-1 Djembe Ensemble
MUSIC212-2 Afro-Cuban Percussion
MUSIC213-1 Opera Theater
MUSIC213-2 Chapel Choir
MUSIC213-3 Chorale