Audition Information

The Department of Music offers a wide-ranging array of instrumental lessons and ensembles with outstanding faculty. Auditions are required for admission.

To audition for lessons or ensembles not included in the table, please contact the faculty member directly using the Contact tab below.

Auditions are for current Duke University enrolled students only. Make sure to sign up for your audition using your Duke email address.


Fall 2022 Auditions

2022 Dates Time Ensemble/Instrument Study Area Location
Saturday, Aug. 27

1 - 2 PM


2 - 3 PM

Ensemble Information Meetings:
Students interested in Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Jazz Ensemble, Chorale, or Chapel Choir may attend either of these sessions to learn more about auditions, rehearsals, concerts, etc.
101 Biddle
  4 pm MUS 261 Theory Placement Exam 069 Biddle
  6 - 6:30 pm Chamber Music Information Meeting: Online at this link  
Sunday, Aug. 28 9 - 10:30 am Chapel Choir Open Rehearsal

Duke Chapel (West campus)

Monday, Aug. 29 - Friday, Sept. 2   Chorale auditions for new singers only. 02 Biddle
Monday, Aug. 29 - Friday, Sept. 2   Chapel Choir auditions for new singers only. 036 Westbrook Building (West campus)
Monday, Aug. 29 4 - 7 pm Classical Piano Nelson Music Room
  5:30 pm -        7 pm Chamber WIND/BRASS Music (Auditions are for new students only. Students who have previously participated in Chamber Music, please contact Prof. Caroline Stinson directly.) 019 Biddle
  6:30 pm -     9:30 pm Viola, Cello & Bass for Symphony Orchestra and/or lessons 084 Biddle
  7 - 8:30 pm Saxophone, Euphonium, and Wind Symphony Piano Baldwin Auditorium
  8 - 9 pm Classical guitar 024 Biddle
  8:30 - 9:30 pm Percussion (Symphony and Wind Symphony) Baldwin Auditorium
Tuesday, Aug. 30 2 - 5:30 pm Voice lessons Baldwin Auditorium
  4 - 5:15 pm Chamber PIANO Music (Auditions are for new students only. Students who have previously participated in Chamber Music, please contact Prof. Caroline Stinson directly.) 085 Biddle
  5 - 10 pm Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon 104 Biddle
  6 - 9 pm Jazz Ensemble & Combos: Saxophones and doubles (Clarinet, Flute, etc.), Piano, Vibes, & Vocalists 019 Biddle
  6:45 - 9 pm Chamber STRINGS Music (Auditions are for new students only. Students who have previously participated in Chamber Music, please contact Prof. Caroline Stinson directly.) 041 Biddle

8 - 9 pm

Chorale Open Rehearsal Baldwin Auditorium
 Wednesday, Aug. 31 6 - 9 pm Jazz Ensemble and Combos: Trumpets and Trombones, Guitar, Bass, and Drums 019 Biddle
  7 - 10pm Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba Baldwin Auditorium
Thursday, Sept. 1 6 - 10 pm Violin for Symphony Orchestra and/or lessons 104 Biddle
  7:30 - 9:30 pm Chorale Open Rehearsal 019 Biddle

 *For all other ensembles and lessons, please contact the ensemble director or instructor directly using the Audition Contacts section on this webpage.

All applied lessons at Duke are offered by permission of the instructors after competitive auditions at the beginning of the semester. Please contact the appropriate teacher below if you have questions about lessons.

If you have questions about auditioning for the Duke Chorale, contact Allan Friedman. For the Jazz Ensemble, contact John Brown. For the Symphony Orchestra, contact Harry Davidson. For the Wind Symphony, contact Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant.

Instrument Audition Contact Phone Email
Bass Zachary Hobin
Bassoon Jessica Kunttu
Cello Caroline Stinson 919-660-3322
Clarinet Jimmy Gilmore 919-781-3853
Djembe Bradley Simmons
Flute Carla Copeland-Burns 336-327-5019
Classical Guitar Randy Reed 919-490-1920
Jazz Guitar Kevin Van Sant 919-660-3300
Harp Laura Byrne 919-741-0934
Harpsichord Robert Parkins 919-660-3315
Horn Rachel Niketopoulos
Oboe Bo Newsome 919-452-9293
Organ Robert Parkins 919-660-3315
Percussion Julia Thompson
Piano Ieva Jokubaviciute

Pei-fen Liu 919-683-3066
David Heid
Derison Duarte
Susan Greenberg
Jazz Piano Ed Paolantonio 919-596-4410
Saxophone Susan Fancher 336-340-5284
Jazz Saxophone Evan Roberson
Trombone and Tuba Michael Kris 919-554-1562
Trumpet Kent Foss 919-407-0070


Jonathan Bagg 919-660-3331
Simon Ertz


Hsiao-mei Ku 919-660-3329
Eric Pritchard 919-660-3325
Mary Kay Robinson
Jennifer Curtis

Voice Sandra Cotton
Elizabeth Linnartz 919-660-3332
Penelope Jensen 919-660-3312
Ted Federle 919-660-3312


Ensemble Director Phone Email
Chamber Music Caroline Stinson 919-660-3322
Chapel Choir Zebulon Highben 919-684-6360
Chinese Music Jennifer Chang
Chorale Allan Friedman 919-660-3302
Djembe Bradley Simmons 919-282-6151
[dnme] New Music
Jazz John Brown 919-660-3385
Opera Theater David Heid 919-660-3303
Symphony Orchestra Harry Davidson 919-660-3324
Wind Symphony  Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant