History & Culture Courses

Number Title Codes Cross-Lists
MUSIC 129S Sound, Music, and the Moving Image CCI, W, ALP, CZ CINE 230S
VMS 217S
MUSIC 130 World Music: Aesthetic and Anthropological Approaches CCI, ALP, CZ CULANTH 131
MUSIC 133S African Mbira Music: An Experiential Learning Class CCI, ALP, CZ AAAS 109S
MUSIC 137 Music, Social Life, and Scenes CCI, R, W, ALP, CZ CULANTH 137
MUSIC 143 History of Rock: Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll to Indie Rock and Hip-Hop ALP, CZ AAAS 139
MUSIC 144 Meet the Beatles and the 1960s EI, ALP, CZ
MUSIC 145 Hip-Hop/Rap Music Appreciation ALP
MUSIC 190S Special Topics in Music
MUSIC 234 Sound and Society in East Asian Contexts CCI, ALP, CZ AMES 120
MUSIC 236 African Music: Sound, History, Culture, Politics CCI, EI, STS, ALP, SS CULANTH 235
ICS 259
MUSIC 255S Music History I: Antiquity Through Renaissance CCI, ALP, CZ MEDREN 201S
MUSIC 256S Music History II: 1600 through Mozart CCI, R, ALP, CZ MEDREN 202S
MUSIC 257 Music History III: Beethoven through WWI CCI, R, ALP, CZ
MUSIC 258 Music History IV: Post-WWI through the Present R, ALP, CZ
MUSIC 290S-3 Special Topics in Ethnomusicology
MUSIC 335 The History of Hip-Hop CCI, ALP AAAS 335
VMS 337
MUSIC 501 Introduction to Musicology R, ALP
MUSIC 551 Music in the Middle Ages R, ALP MEDREN 522
MUSIC 552 Topics in Renaissance Music R, ALP MEDREN 523
MUSIC 553 Music in the Baroque Era R, ALP MEDREN 524
MUSIC 555 Music in the Nineteenth Century R, ALP
MUSIC 556 Music in the Twentieth Century R, ALP
MUSIC 561S Analysis of Early Music ALP
MUSIC 562 Analysis of Music After 1900 ALP