Prior Graduate Work at Other Institutions

Students who have already completed a master's program at another institution may petition the DGS to transfer up to four courses (12 units) toward requirements at Duke, reducing the number of courses taken at Duke to thirteen (eleven for Ethnomusicology). Specific course requirements may be waived if the student has successfully taken the equivalent course elsewhere, subject to the approval of the DGS. Transfer credits do not change any other requirements for the doctoral degree. Transfer credits may not be applied toward requirements for an en route A.M. degree.

Students should submit a request to the DGS listing the courses to transfer along with an official transcript and samples of your academic work (e.g., papers or analyses) from those courses at the end of Year 1.  Transfer credits will not be considered before this time. After consulting the graduate faculty and considering the student’s academic performance in Year 1, the DGS will respond with a memo indicating Duke course requirements to be waived (if any).  No transfer credit will be granted to any student receiving an Incomplete grade in Year 1. Transfer credit does not appear on Duke Graduate School transcripts.

Students who have completed a non-English graduate degree and who require remedial course work in English may take two courses of language study during their first year.  These courses do not count toward Duke graduate course requirements.