Lessons and Applied Music

Individual instrumental and vocal instruction can be pursued at different levels. Most music majors take one-hour weekly lessons, but half-hour lessons are also offered, and qualified juniors and seniors may pursue Independent Study in Performance, which is a full course culminating in a recital.

You don't have to be a Music major/minor to take lessons.

Fees, Course Credit & Audition Requirement

The applied lesson fee is waived for music majors, for one area of study only. There is a fee for additional instruction for music majors and for all instruction for minors, non-majors, and graduate students outside of the Music Department. All applied lessons at Duke are offered by permission of the instructors after competitive auditions at the beginning of the semester.

Group lessons: 

  • MUSIC 101-1 Class Piano, 101-2 Class Voice, 101-3 Class Guitar, 101-4 Class Djembe, 101-7 Class Brass, 101-6 African Dance Percussion; (half hour) 0.25 course credit. Fee per semester: $183.

Private lessons:

  • MUSIC 103-108 (half hour), 0.25 course credit. Fee per semester: $366
  • MUSIC 203-208 (one hour), 0.5 course credit. Fee per semester: $732


  • MUSIC 210-1, 210-2, 210-4, 210-6, 211-1, 211-2, 213-1, 213-3, 0.5 course credit. There is no additional fee for enrolling in an ensemble.

Audition Schedules and Contacts

Fall 2020 Auditions

Please bookmark and check this page for updates. Fall 2020 audition information for music ensembles and lessons will be available in July.


Fall 2019 Auditions

Sign up for most auditions here: https://duke-music-auditions.10to8.com

Unless otherwise noted, instrumental auditions are for Applied Lessons, Duke Symphony Orchestra, and Wind Symphony. Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combos, and Chamber Music auditions are listed separately.

For Djembe (West African drumming), Afro-Cuban percussion, Jazz Piano, Jazz Guitar, Jazz Saxophone, Harp, Percussion, Organ, or Harpsichord lessons, contact the instructor to set up an audition time. (See Audition Contacts tab.)

2019 Dates Time Ensemble/Instrument Study Area Location
Monday, Aug. 26 - Friday, Aug. 30   Chorale 02 Biddle
Saturday, Aug. 24 1 - 2 pm OR 2:30 - 3:30 pm Ensemble Information Meetings: Students interested in Music Dept. vocal and instrumental groups my attend EITHER of these sessions.
Join us to learn about auditions, rehearsals, tours, concerts, and more.
019 Biddle (vocalists);
101 Biddle (instrumentalists)
Monday, Aug. 26 4 - 7:30 pm Classical Piano 031 Biddle
  5:30 - 7 pm Saxophone, Euphonium, & Wind Symphony piano 019 Biddle
  6 - 9 pm Viola, Cello & Bass 084 Biddle
  7 - 8:30 pm Percussion Baldwin Auditorium


8 - 9 pm Classical Guitar 024 Biddle
Tuesday, Aug. 27 12:30 - 4:30 pm Voice (sign up outside 075 Biddle) 075 Biddle
  4:30 - 10 pm Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon 104 Biddle
  6:30 - 10 pm Jazz Ensemble & Combos:
Saxophones, Piano, Vibes & Vocalists (sign up outside 064 Biddle)
064 Biddle
  7:30 - 8:30 pm Chorale Open Rehearsal 019 Biddle
  6 - 10 pm Chamber Music 083 Biddle
Wednesday, Aug. 28 10:30 am - 12:30 pm & 1:30 - 4:30 pm Voice (sign up outside 075 Biddle) 075 Biddle
  4:30 - 6 pm Opera Theater Info Session 104 Biddle
  6 - 9 pm Horn, Trumpet, Trombone & Tuba 104 Biddle
  6:30 - 10 pm Jazz Ensemble & Combos:
Trumpets and Trombones, Guitar, Bass, and Drums (sign up outside 064 Biddle)
064 Biddle
Thursday, August 29 6 - 11 pm Violin 084 Biddle


All applied lessons at Duke are offered by permission of the instructors after competitive auditions at the beginning of the semester. Please contact the appropriate teacher below if you have questions about lessons.

If you have questions about auditioning for the Duke Chorale, contact Rodney Wynkoop.  For the Jazz Ensemble, contact John Brown.  For the Duke Symphony Orchestra, contact Harry Davidson.  For the Wind Symphony, contact Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant.

Instrument Audition Contact Phone Email
Bass John Brown   jbrown@duke.edu
Bassoon Jessica Kunttu   jessica.kunttu@duke.edu
Cello Caroline Stinson 919-660-3322 caroline.stinson@duke.edu
Clarinet Jimmy Gilmore 919-781-3853 jimmyclarinet@gmail.com
Djembe/Afro Cuban Percussion Bradley Simmons   bradleys@duke.edu
Flute Carla Copeland-Burns 336-327-5019 carla.copelandburns@duke.edu
Classical Guitar Randy Reed 919-490-1920 rreed@duke.edu
Jazz Guitar Kevin Van Sant 919-660-3300 kvansantguitar@gmail.com
Harp Laura Byrne 919-741-0934 l.byrneharpist@gmail.com
Harpsichord Robert Parkins 919-660-3315 rparkins@duke.edu
Horn Rachel Niketopoulos   niketopoulos@earthlink.net
Oboe Bo Newsome 919-452-9293 bo.newsome@duke.edu
Organ Robert Parkins 919-660-3315 rparkins@duke.edu
Percussion Julia Thompson   jt255@duke.edu
Piano Ieva Jokubaviciute  


Pei-fen Liu 919-683-3066 peifen.liu@duke.edu
David Heid   dheid@duke.edu
Derison Duarte   derison.duarte@duke.edu
Susan Greenberg   susie@duke.edu
Jazz Piano Ed Paolantonio 919-596-4410 ejp3@duke.edu
Saxophone Susan Fancher 336-340-5284 susan.fancher@duke.edu
Jazz Saxophone Dave Finucane 919-358-0753 dave.finucane@gmail.com
Trombone and Tuba Michael Kris 919-554-1562 mkris@email.unc.edu
Trumpet Don Eagle 919-783-4296 deagle001@gmail.com


Jonathan Bagg 919-660-3331 jbagg@duke.edu
Rachel Yonan   rachel.yonan@duke.edu


Hsiao-mei Ku 919-660-3329 hmku@duke.edu
Eric Pritchard 919-660-3325 epritch@duke.edu
Mary Kay Robinson   marykayrobinson47@gmail.com
Jennifer Curtis  


Voice Susan Dunn 919-660-3323 opera@duke.edu
Penelope Jensen 919-660-3312 ep.jensen@mindspring.com
Elizabeth Linnartz 919-660-3332 elizabeth.linnartz@duke.edu
Sandra Cotton   sandra.cotton@duke.edu
Ted Federle 919-660-3312 ted.federle@duke.edu


Ensemble Director Phone Email
Chamber Music Caroline Stinson 919-660-3322 caroline.stinson@duke.edu
Chinese Music Jennifer Chang   jennifer.chang946@duke.edu
Chorale Rodney Wynkoop 919-660-3302 rodney@duke.edu
Collegium Musicum Max Ramage   maxwell.ramage@duke.edu
Djembe & Afro-Cuban Bradley Simmons 919-282-6151 bradleys@duke.edu
[dnme] New Music Stephen Downing   stephen.downing@duke.edu
Jazz John Brown 919-660-3385 jbrown@duke.edu
Opera Theater David Heid 919-660-3303 dheid@duke.edu
Symphony Orchestra Harry Davidson 919-660-3324 hdavid@duke.edu
Wind Symphony  Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant 919-660-3306 verena.m@duke.edu