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The graduate program trains students to develop original scholarship of their own by providing them a strong disciplinary base and also encouraging creative approaches.

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Diagnostic Examination All entering students must take the Diagnostic Examination just before classes begin in the fall semester. The exam will identify any weaknesses in the your knowledge of basic theory, repertory and musicianship.
Foreign Language Requirement All doctoral students must demonstrate reading knowledge in one or more foreign languages.
Qualifying Examination The Qualifying Examination is normally taken at the beginning of the second semester of the second year. You must pass this exam in order to continue studies in the doctoral program.
Preliminary Examination The Preliminary Exam may include written and oral exams, a portfolio of compositions or a dissertation prospectus, depending on your doctoral program.
Dissertation & Final Examination Your dissertation is the culmination of your doctoral work and will represent an original contribution to your field. The final exam may include an oral presentation focused on your dissertation work.
Teaching Assistantships Best practices for your work as a teaching assistant.
Job Search Best Practices Tips for searching for that first job, preparing for an interview, and developing your application letter.


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