Ciompi Quartet

Ciompi Quartet

The Ciompi Quartet’s residency at Duke University allows Duke students to work closely with Quartet members and to benefit from their extensive experience as active performers who are continually engaged in deepening and refining their own musicianship. The Quartet is on campus each day for private lessons, chamber music coachings, classes in the art of performance, and a variety of other events around the University, both formal and informal. As full-time faculty members, they are a resource for students, other faculty, and the community at large. In the years since its founding, the Ciompi Quartet has left a lasting mark on Duke, and on its home state of North Carolina, a reminder of the important role Duke University plays in the cultural life of the region.

Undergraduate string players at Duke study with members of the Ciompi Quartet as part of their curriculum. Students of all levels reach toward their full potential under the guidance of their teacher-mentors. Along with individual lessons, Ciompi members hold frequent class recitals and workshops for all to participate in. As they progress in ability, students can choose to give full-length recitals as well. Chamber music classes organized by quartet members each semester are also popular and open to all interested students. The Quartet members regularly invite colleagues and musical luminaries to give master classes. Being a string player at Duke means choosing between innumerable opportunities that offer the chance to stretch one’s abilities to new heights; time and ambition are the only limitations!

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