Bryan Christian's (Ph.D. composition, 2015) new CD, "Each flows into the other," released by Irritable Hedgehog Music

Commissioned and recorded with the support of New Music USA, "Each flows into the other" is available digitally or as a 2 CD album.

From the album's liner notes by ethnomusicologist Rebecca Lentjes:
"Dual sound worlds flowing into and out of each other, converging and then diverging, and allowing expressivity to rise to the surface. Not quite a sound environment or installation, yet more immersive than a musical composition relying on conventional notions of teleology, such that the listener might be surprised when they realize where they’ve ended up. That’s the idea behind Bryan Christian’s "Each flows into the other" for piano and electronics, a two-hour exploration of intervallic and spectral musical relationships. The piece’s durational immensity stands in contrast to its moment-by-moment attention to miniscule musical details. The work enfolds the listener into two separate musical landscapes that ultimately melt together into a single sound world, like a sonic Venn diagram of two different yet overlapping soundscapes with the listener situated in the middle."  Read more

Bryan Christian is a composer and data scientist based in the Washington D.C. metro area. His music focuses on the intersection of radiant harmonic landscapes, glacial pacing, and advanced analytics. He has received commissions from the New Music USA, Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University, the Lorelei Ensemble, the E-MEX Ensemble, the Aurora Borealis Duo, the Playground Ensemble, Festival Les Musicales, the Juventus Festival, the Monadnock Music Festival, and several solo performers. Christian was also the recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship to Estonia.