Congratulations to our 2020 Ph.D. Graduates

Graduate Degrees Conferred

Elizabeth Anne Crisenbery, Ph.D. (Musicology)
Dissertation: “Performing Fascism: Opera, Politics, and Masculinities in Fascist Italy, 1935-1941”
Committee Chair: Bryan Gilliam

Sarah A Curzi, Ph.D. (Composition)
Dissertation piece: Lilacs: Digital Songs and Poems for Voice, Clarinet, Percussion, Electric Guitar, and Electronics
Dissertation article: "Ethical Guidelines for the Design and Documentation of Wearable Technologies, Responsive Textiles, and Haptic Sound Art"
Committee Co-Chairs: Stephen Jaffe & John Supko

Benjamin Justin Daniels, Ph.D. (Composition)
Dissertation piece: Everything
Dissertation article: "Lumpy Gravy by Frank Zappa - A Comparative Analysis"
Committee Chair: Scott Lindroth

Osman Eren Gümrükçüoğlu, Ph.D. (Composition)
Dissertation piece: Pareidolia for Clarinet / Tenor Saxophone, Percussion / Drum Set, Piano / Synthesizers, String Quartet, and Electronics
     The William Klenz Prize in Music Composition to a graduate or undergraduate student for excellence in composition for Pareidolia
Dissertation article: "Implied Reharmonizations in Postbop Improvisations over the Twelve-Bar Blues"
Committee Chair: John Supko

Yuxin Ouyang, Ph.D. (Composition)
Dissertation pieces: Lü for String Quartet; Extrication for Clarinet, Percussion, Violin and Cello
Dissertation article: "Qigang Chen’s Approach to Pentatonicism in Reflet D’un Temps Disparu and Luan Tan"
Committee Chair: Scott Lindroth

Matthew Jason Zeller, Ph.D. (Musicology)
Dissertation: "Planal Analysis and the Emancipation of Timbre: Klangfarbenmelodie and Timbral Function in Mahler, Schoenberg, and Webern"
Committee Chair: R. Larry Todd