Katharina Uhde (PhD musicology, 2014) releases CD of rediscovered works by Joseph Joachim

Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Uhde rediscovered two fantasies by Joachim in 2016 and published them in 2018.
Joseph Joachim: Two Fantasies Rediscovered

The new CD, Joseph Joachim: Two Fantasies Rediscovered, released on the Soundset label, features Uhde as a soloist with the Radio Orchestra Warsaw. View the CD trailer.

In 2016, Uhde rediscovered the two early fantasies, composed in the 1850s. “Fantasies on Hungarian and Irish [Scottish] Themes” was Joachim's first virtuoso music for the violin with orchestral accompaniment. Bärenreiter published Fantasy on Hungarian Themes (1850), Fantasy on Irish [Scottish] Themes (1852) for Violin and Orchestra, edited by Uhde, in 2018. This CD is the first recording of these early works by the violin virtuoso.

Katharina Uhde, Associate Professor of Music at Valparaiso University, is an internationally acclaimed violinist and musicologist. She is the author of The Music of Joseph Joachim (Boydell & Brewer, 2018).