Meet our new graduate students!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
New Musicology grad students fall 2020

Duke Music welcomes three new graduate students in Musicology. We're excited to introduce Kinley Johnson (l), Andrew Moenning (c) and Jingxuan Zhang (r):

Kinley: I am a first-year musicologist whose research focuses on music in film and television. My current research interests include music in cinema after 1970; music, gender, and sexuality in film and media, especially in horror and Japanese animation; and the mass localization of anime in the United States during the 1990s and early 2000s. I received a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Southwestern University and an MA in Music History from the University of North Texas. Fun fact: I was a professional cosplayer for several years, selling prints, judging/hosting contests, and occasionally body-guarding actors. This helped to ignite my interest in film music!

Andrew: I am a first year PhD student in the Musicology program. My wife Christin and I moved from Fort Worth, Texas where I recently received my M.M. in Piano Performance at Texas Christian University. I received my B.A. in Music from Stetson University in 2013, after which I took time off from my studies to teach piano and perform music at Disney in Orlando, FL. My research interests include piano music of the nineteenth century, the philosophy of music, and the musical outworking of personal religious/philosophical conviction. On a personal note, I enjoy traveling and nature - it’s a goal of mine to visit most (maybe all?) of the US national parks! 

Jingxuan: Pianist and mushrooming musicologist Jingxuan Zhang’s musical musings started in Beijing twenty-seven years ago in deafening silence when he emerged from the womb without a single cry, meandered through New York and Boston in a muddle, and eventually trickled into Durham ten days ago, wondering if the heat would finally evaporate its miserly stream or the moisture maintain it.... He did his undergrad at Columbia University and The Juilliard School, where he majored in psychology and studied with Jerome Lowenthal; and received his Master’s from New England Conservatory with Alexander Korsantia. After graduation, he remained in Boston for some time to teach, play, but also muse. He loves to conjure up the Chinese food he grew up enjoying, then converse with his friends while it all disappears. While in Boston, he picked up some Lebanese and Ukrainian cuisines of his two pianist-housemates and good friends. He likes to swim briefly in the frigid ocean during autumn or spring-time and visit steam baths, and hopes at some point to unite the two cyclically in some Scandinavian country. Finally, he wants to share shareable things – music, food, time, knowledge, company.