Spring 2013 classes with openings

Music 89S: Women in Music (ALP)
WF 3:05 PM - 4:20 PM, Nomi Dave

Examine the contribution and works of women musicians from various locations throughout the globe. Discussions will focus on a number of key international figures, such as Umm Kulthum (Egypt), Lady Gaga (US), Miriam Makeba (South Africa) and Lata Mangeshkar (India). We will also look at examples of contemporary female artists and the issues they face, such as the Russian group Pussy Riot and the K-Pop band Girl Generation. Topics to be covered include women and nationalism, gender activism, and fandom. 

Music 125: Listening to Music: The European-American Tradition (ALP)
TuTh 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM, Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant

Explore the elements, forms and genres of the European and American traditions from the sixteenth to the twenty-first centuries, with attention to the growing dialogue between this “classical” repertoire and popular genres of the past century. The focus of the class will be on the twenty- and twenty-first centuries.

Music 326S:  Art of Performance (ALP)
F 10:05 AM – 12:35 PM, Susan Dunn

Do you have performance anxiety? Are you searching for a technique or skills to help you enjoy your own performances and feel more secure on stage? Do you enjoy discussing and evaluating performances with others? Join us spring semester for The Art of Performance, MUS 326S. We'll explore techniques for easing performance anxiety, discuss performance etiquette and dress, the performer's responsibility and relationship to the score, the performer’s relationship with conductor, colleagues, and the audience, what a critic is looking for in a good performance, how recording affects our relationship to performers, performances and music, and many other topics of interest to performers of all skill levels. Students will prepare and perform in class and evaluate their own performance as well as that of their colleagues in the class. We'll analyze and discuss recorded performances of well known and not so well known musicians of the past and present and attend and discuss live performances in the area.