Brittany Green receives New Music USA's Creative Development Fund Grant

New Music USA has awarded Brittany Green, a graduate PhD student in Composition, $3000 to purchase equipment for an installation she is collaborating on with Duke CMAC (Computational Media, Arts, & Cultures) PhD student Kate Alexandrite. Green says, "The project, Black Echoes//Brick Ripples will be an interactive multimedia installation that engages past, present, and future histories––real and imagined––of an urban bamboo forest located in Durham, North Carolina’s West End neighborhood. The piece will grapple with questions of what was lost, who has been erased, and how that has impacted this land and our relationship to it. Pulling from field recordings and archival material, the installation will implore participants to contend with the erasure of Blackness from the history of this land."

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Brittany Green is pursuing a Ph.D in Music Composition at Duke University as a Deans Graduate Fellow. Described as “cinematic in the best sense” and “searing” (Chicago Classical Review), Brittany’s music works to facilitate collaborative, intimate musical spaces that ignite visceral responses. Her music has been featured at concerts and festivals throughout the United States and Canada, including the Society of Composers National Conference, New York City Electronic Music Festival, SPLICE Institute, the West Fork New Music Festival, Music by Women Festival, and Electroacoustic Barn Dance Festival. Recent projects include collaborations with the International Contemporary Ensemble, Mind on Fire, Experimental Sound Studio, Kate Alexandrite, and The JACK Quartet as an inaugural member of JACK Studio Artists, along with an artist residency with TimeSlips.