Brittany Green serves as a guest panelist at the 2020 Splice Institute

Composition Fellow Brittany Green was a panelist on the Collaborative Relationships in Creating Mixed-Media Panel at the 2020 Splice Institute. As a panelist she shared her experiences and reflections and on the creative process of interdisciplinary collaborations. In response to COVID-19 restrictions, the event was held via livestream on Facebook and received over 700 views. 

Brittany is a North Carolina-based composer, creative, and educator. Described as “cinematic in the best sense” and “searing” (Chicago Classical Review), her music is centered around facilitating collaborative, intimate musical spaces that ignite visceral responses. The intersection between sound, movement, and text serves as the focal point of these musical spaces, often questioning and redefining the relationships between these three elements. 

Brittany is entering her second year as a Composition Fellow in the Duke University Department of Music.