Dan Ruccia (PhD Composition, 2013) releases "Scratch Slice Jag" on Out & Gone Music

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
The CD, released on Oct. 6, 2017, is a collaboration between violist Ruccia and trombonist Jeb Bishop.
Dan Ruccia (PhD Composition, 2013) releases "Scratch Slice Jag" on Out & Gone Music

Recorded live at the Carrack Art Museum in Durham, North Carolina, in October 2016, Scratch Slice Jag is the natural outgrowth of the collaboration between Bishop and Ruccia. The two were frequent collaborators when Bishop lived in Durham from 2012 to 2015, and they quickly developed a natural musical rapport over the course of numerous performances within the area’s free improvisation scene.

Drawing on the tradition of European free improvisation, new music, and employing myriad extended techniques, Bishop and Ruccia explore the outer reaches of their instruments, referencing everything from Luciano Berio and Ornette Coleman to Mat Maneri and Paul Rutherford. Scratch Slice Jag is a deeply engaging album that highlights what is possible when two like-minded improvisers come together to share their musical and personal relationship with an audience.  (Condensed from the press release.)

Scratch Slice Jag is available in a limited edition CD and as a digital download.

Track Listing
1. Antiphonal Thread
2. It Wasn’t the buzz
3. Kepler-186f Rising
4. Theme from Theme from a Symphony
5. Dive Deep
All compositions by Jeb Bishop and Dan Ruccia.

Jeb Bishop is a Boston based trombonist who has recorded and performed internationally with the Vandermark 5, Peter Brötzmann, Joe McPhee, The Engines, Rob Mazurek, Jason Roebke, Bill Dixon, and numerous others. Bishop can also be heard on Polyorchard’s album Red October, also available from Out & Gone Music.

Dan Ruccia is a Durham, North Carolina, based composer, violist, and improviser. Ruccia’s music has been performed across the United States and Europe. He is the leader of Cyanotype, whose first album Two Silent Schnauzers was released on Out & Gone Music in 2016.