Jamie Keesecker's (Ph.D. composition, 2016) work "The Impetuous Winds" performed at the Sound Festival in Scotland

The video of the performance, which was streamed and is still available to view, begins with a Q&A with Keesecker.

The Impetuous Winds was written in 2008 for a composition workshop with visiting horn quartet Quadre, while horn player Jamie Keesecker was studying for his Masters in Composition at the University of Oregon. Quadre were struck by the drama and excitement in the work, and took it into their repertoire, including it on their album Our Time. The whole range of the instrument is covered – almost 4 octaves – and there is a vast array of color and contrast in the piece. The punchy opening uses the quartet as a mini-big band at times, with rhythmic drive and thick, luscious harmonies. The central section of the work has a long melodic line, which never quite goes in the expected direction, and there are echoes of Mahler’s horn writing in the duet that sits over a muted figure from two of the players. The big band feel returns for the ending, with a sprint finish towards the last note. (Taken from program notes at https://sound-scotland.co.uk/festival-2020-programme-notes)

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