Meet Nathaniel Maxwell, Undergraduate Representative for Music

Nathaniel Maxwell

My name is Nathaniel Maxwell, and I am the Undergraduate Representative for the Music Department. I am a classical pianist and trumpeter in the Orchestra and the Marching Band. I am taking a multidisciplinary approach to the Duke education, double majoring in Mathematics and Music with a Concentration in Piano Performance, as well as a Statistics minor.

The Music Department offers so many opportunities to explore music while at Duke, and there are a variety of ways to get involved. Whether you have no background in music, or have always planned on majoring in it, the department has something for you! I would recommend exploring classes, lessons, and ensembles as soon as possible while at Duke: I have come to the realization that four years are not enough for me to explore everything that I would like to in the Music Department!

One of my favorite parts about the Music Department is how dedicated the professors are - not only to their profession, but also to the students that they teach. My final bit of advice: attend some of the many faculty and student performances that the Music Department hosts nearly every week!

If you have questions about the Music Department, reach out to me at